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Empower your team and your customers with complete oversight of the entire repair process using ServiceUp's Digital Repair Experience.

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The #1 Digital
Repair Experience

Introducing the first and only DRX - Digital Repair Experience. ServiceUp's DRX revolutionizes repair management, increasing speed-of-repair with AI-powered digital interactions between all stakeholders. For the first time, policy holders have complete transparency over their vehicle repair, leading to a boost in customer satisfaction.

DRPs are a thing of the past. Let ServiceUp's DRX handle your entire repair process.

Key Benefits

We Close
Claims Faster

An open claim is a losing claim. We ensure your claims move through the repair process as fast as possible, with high quality repairs for your policyholders.

Comprehensive Cost Control
Gain insights into the repair process and unlock unparalleled savings with full control over repair costs.
Increase CSAT from Policyholders
Elevate policyholder satisfaction to new heights and boost your CSAT scores by providing a hassle-free repair process.
Decrease Supplement Percentage
Minimize supplement percentages and maximize your bottom line with our tech driven appraisal solution.
Decrease Claims Costs
Speed up repair turnaround time and reduce advanced charges, rental fees and other hidden costs.
Connecting All Stakeholders
Offload the entire repair process to ServiceUp's Digital Repair Experience and we'll provide a fast and hassle-free repair for your policyholders.
  • Your customers enjoy the benefits of an end-to-end repair experience, including pickup and delivery, real-time status updates, and a dedicated service advisor
  • Our comprehensive network of auto body shops ensure repairs begin immediately - no more waiting around for shop availability
  • Your claims team will sleep easier knowing their customers vehicles are fixed quickly with only the highest-quality repairs

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