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Improve repair operations and decrease cycle time
Enhance governance, control and oversight
Reduce total repair costs and boost profitability

Are you a repair shop looking to accelerate your business's success with cutting-edge auto repair management solutions?

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The Ultimate Digital Repair Experience

Boost Efficiency and Control with a Whole New Repair Experience
Submit repair orders, handle estimates, manage payments, engage with shops, and track vehicle history—all within the ServiceUp platform.
Get Vehicles Back on the Road Faster than Ever Before
Automate time intensive tasks such as shop selection, logistics, claims processing and payments.
Elevate Satisfaction, Productivity, and Profitability
Offload your repair operation to ServiceUp and free up time and resources to focus on other aspects that drive business growth.
Insights without the Spreadsheets
Get quick access to a summarized overview of repair cycle time and costs, or zoom in for detailed insights on vehicle or shop performance.