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Empower your clients with reliable vehicle repair services, enhancing their insurance value proposition and trust in your brokerage.
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Key Benefits

Enhanced Client Trust: Strengthen your client relationships by offering dependable vehicle repair services that add value to their insurance coverage and foster long-term loyalty.

Streamlined Operations: Simplify the claims process for your clients with our efficient repair services, ensuring quick turnaround times and minimal disruption.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Provide your clients with access to competitively priced repair services, helping them save on repair costs without sacrificing quality or reliability.

End-to-End Vehicle Repair Management

Comprehensive Repair Services
Tap into our vetted repair and partner network with 200+ services, including collision, mechanical, routine maintenance, and insurance services.
Pick up and Delivery of Vehicles
No need to coordinate vehicle logistics - Pick up and delivery from your lot or worksite is included. Manage it all through the ServiceUp platform.
Dedicated Support Every Step of the Way
A service advisor helps manage your repair from end-to-end, ensuring vehicles are repaired quickly with the highest quality and care.

Transforming The Claims Experience

Before ServiceUp

Claims often take longer to process due to delays in finding reliable repair shops.

Difficulty in negotiating competitive pricing with repair facilities leads to higher claim expenses.

Policyholders experience varying levels of repair quality, leading to dissatisfaction and repeat visits.

Inadequate communication and support during the repair process cause frustration for policyholders.

Policyholders and administrators struggle with unclear repair status updates and progress tracking.

After ServiceUp

Speedy and reliable repair services reduce claim processing times, getting policyholders back on the road faster.

Competitive pricing and efficient repair processes help lower overall claim expenses without compromising quality.

Access to a network of certified repair shops ensures high-quality repairs, enhancing policyholder satisfaction.

Dedicated customer service and transparent communication provide policyholders with a smooth and supportive repair experience.

Real-time updates and transparent tracking keep policyholders and adjusters informed throughout the repair process.

Experience the power ⚡ of ServiceUp’s modern repair management platform

Decrease in cycle time
Lower repair cost
Decrease in time to estimate
Boost in team productivity

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your vehicle repair operations.