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about us

We're Flipping the Script on Auto Repair

At ServiceUp, we're rewriting the narrative of auto repair by seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with innovative solutions, transforming the industry for businesses and customers alike.
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ServiceUp grew from the idea that car repair can and should be better. After decades of experience on both the mechanic and car owner sides, it finally clicked: we can be the ones to fix it.

Our journey began with a shared passion for revolutionizing the auto repair experience. Fueled by frustration with outdated processes and inspired by the potential of technology, we set out to create a platform that not only streamlines auto repair management for businesses but also enhances the overall experience for car owners.

At ServiceUp, we're not just transforming the industry; we're on a mission to make auto repair a seamless, efficient, and customer-centric process for everyone involved.

Core Values

Empower Others
Uplift and enable individuals, fostering their growth and success through support, resources, and opportunities.
Be Relentlessly Ambitious
Crush boundaries, achieve extraordinary results, and continuously raise the bar.
Together We’re Unstoppable
Harness the unique perspectives and strengths that arise from our diversity, propelling innovation and inclusive collaboration. We’ll only go far together.
Walk in Others Shoes
Strive to understand, connect, and uplift others, fostering a culture of empathy and compassion. We leave egos at the door.
Customer Happiness is Our Compass
Listen, adapt, and prioritize customer needs, delivering exceptional service and exceeding expectations.


the Crew

With a dash(e) of visionary insight and a wealth of hands-on expertise, our leadership team navigates the path towards automotive innovation.
Brett Carlson
Co-Founder, CEO
Javier Muniz
Co-Founder, CTO
Brett Dashe
Co-Founder, VP of Ecosystems
Kunal Rupani
Stephanie Mier
Jonny Sandoval
Head of Service
Khaled Ramzi
Director of Field Operations
David Holtzman
VP of Finance
Andy Klobnock
Demetra Markopoulos
SVP of Fleet Sales
Kam Thandi
Head of Marketing

Our Investors

Company News

We're Hiring!

We're on the lookout for passionate individuals eager to shape the future of the automotive industry through technology and commitment to excellence. Explore how you can contribute to our dynamic team and be part of the transformation at ServiceUp.