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Case Study

How Kyte Increased Operational Efficiency with ServiceUp’s Digital Repair Platform

Feb 28, 2024
Kam Thandi

Kyte is a fast-growing technology-operations company that delivers cars to people’s doors. Kyte offers the best experience of getting a car for a day or multiple days, with clean professional cars delivered to the door. With a mission to unlock the freedom to go places, Kyte provides convenient, on-demand vehicle access and quickly gained popularity among customers seeking flexible transportation solutions. As demand continues to increase, Kyte is expanding into new markets and adding more vehicles to its rental fleet. Today, Kyte operates in over 15 cities with thousands of vehicles under management.


Repair Cycle Time

As Kyte's fleet grew in size, they encountered difficulties in managing their repair processes effectively, especially for collision repairs. The average repair cycle times were longer than desired, resulting in increased downtime for their vehicles. Every day that a vehicle was out-of-service negatively impacted Kyte’s bottom-line and diminished customer satisfaction as desired vehicles were unavailable for rent.

Time to Estimate

The time it took to receive an estimate for repair costs was also a significant challenge. The existing manual estimation process with shops was time-consuming, leading to delays in approving repairs and initiating logistics teams to move vehicles to shops. This delay in receiving estimates negatively impacted repair cycle time. Kyte needed a solution that could streamline their entire repair operations and help them increase utilization of their rental fleet.

ServiceUp's Solution

Recognizing Kyte's challenges, ServiceUp proposed offloading Kyte’s vehicle repair operations fully onto ServiceUp’s digital repair platform. The goal was to not only reduce cycle time for their fleet, but also reduce the headache and time spent managing the repair process.

Automated Repair Management

ServiceUp implemented a cutting-edge repair management solution for Kyte, which enabled end-to-end automation of the repair workflow. ServiceUp’s digital repair platform integrated seamlessly with Kyte's existing processes and systems, providing a centralized hub for all repair-related activities, including estimates, supplements, repair scheduling, and repair history. This automation eliminated manual paperwork, reduced administrative burden, and facilitated real-time tracking and status updates on repairs.

On-Demand Repair Network

ServiceUp leveraged its extensive network of certified repair shops and technicians to ensure prompt and efficient collision repairs for Kyte's fleet. By having strategic repair partners near Kyte's storage lots and insight into shop capacity, ServiceUp minimized transportation delays and ensured repairs began as soon as vehicles were delivered. This network enabled Kyte to access high quality repairs quickly, reducing vehicle downtime and maximizing revenue generation.

Vehicle Pick Up and Drop Off 

To reduce the burden on Kyte’s logistics team, ServiceUp’s team of drivers picked up and delivered vehicles to and from Kyte’s lots. Previously, Kyte team members drove vehicles to and from shops themselves. If the vehicles were undriveable, they coordinated tows with local providers. ServiceUp allowed Kyte to offload their entire logistics burden, saving them time, overhead costs, and frustration when it came to moving vehicles.

The Results

30% Reduction in Cycle Time

By implementing ServiceUp’s repair solution, leveraging ServiceUp's repair network, and offloading their vehicle logistics, Kyte experienced a notable 30% reduction in overall repair cycle time. Vehicles were repaired promptly, allowing them to be back on the road faster, generating increased rental revenue for Kyte.

75% Decrease in Time to Estimate

ServiceUp’s repair technology dramatically decreased the time required to estimate repair costs. Kyte witnessed a remarkable 75% reduction in the time it took to generate accurate repair cost assessments. Originally taking 48 hours on average, ServiceUp was able to reduce that time less than one day. This improvement expedited decision-making processes, enabling repairs to be approved promptly and repairs initiated without unnecessary delays.

5/5 Customer Satisfaction

ServiceUp transformed Kyte's repair process, previously inefficient and resource-intensive. Lot managers no longer needed to handle vehicle movement and repair management manually, allowing them to focus on revenue-generating tasks. This change significantly improved operational efficiency and reduced stress for the operations team, leading to higher satisfaction with the repair process.

“ServiceUp has dramatically changed how we handle our fleet repairs. Their turnaround times are just half of what we were getting from our previous vendors and their customer service is top-notch. They are unbelievably responsive and always get the job done!” - Nolan Fawthrop, Manager, Business Operations & Strategy

About ServiceUp

ServiceUp is a leading fleet repair provider with a focus on optimizing repair cycle times, maximizing vehicle uptime, and enhancing operational efficiency. By combining innovative technology solutions, a vast repair network, and a dedicated team of experts, ServiceUp’s digital repair platform empowers businesses to optimize their fleet operations, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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