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Seamless Payment Management

Never worry about sending or chasing down invoices. ServiceUp's payment feature ensures money moves quickly and seamlessly between the stakeholders. Tap into InstaPay and receive immediate payment on your invoice!


and enhance the payment process with repairers, ensuring a seamless and efficient transactional experience.


Fast Payments

Experience rapid and hassle-free payments, benefitting both customers and shops, as our payment system ensures swift transactions for increased efficiency.

With InstaPay, shops can receive payment on invoices within 24-48 hours.


Vendor Invoicing

Simplify your invoicing procedures with our single-vendor invoicing feature, providing a unified platform for streamlined payments and a more convenient experience.


Payment History by Vehicle and by Shop

Gain comprehensive insights into your payment history, offering detailed records categorized by vehicle and shop, providing a transparent overview of financial transactions.

Discover how ServiceUp can


your vehicle repair operations.