Construction Fleets

Minimize downtime and boost productivity for your construction fleet with our robust and prompt vehicle repairs.
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Key Benefits

Reduced Downtime: Our prompt and efficient repair services ensure your construction vehicles are back to work quickly, minimizing project delays and maximizing productivity.

Comprehensive Repairs: We offer expert repair solutions that enhance the performance and longevity of your construction fleet, keeping them in peak condition for demanding tasks.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Our competitive pricing helps you manage repair costs effectively, providing excellent value for your fleet investment.

End-to-End Vehicle Repair Management

Comprehensive Repair Services
Tap into our vetted repair and partner network with 200+ services, including collision, mechanical, routine maintenance, and insurance services.
Pick up and Delivery of Vehicles
No need to coordinate vehicle logistics - Pick up and delivery from your lot or worksite is included. Manage it all through the ServiceUp platform.
Dedicated Support Every Step of the Way
A service advisor helps manage your repair from end-to-end, ensuring vehicles are repaired quickly with the highest quality and care.

Transforming the Fleet Repair Experience

Before ServiceUp

Limited repair options with uncertainties in addressing collision, mechanical, and maintenance needs.

Long waiting times for repairs causing significant downtime and loss of revenue.

Variable repair quality due to reliance on multiple vendors, risking fleet reliability.

Challenges in budgeting with unclear repair expenses and allocation.

Customer dissatisfaction from delays in service and vehicle unreliability tarnishing brand reputation.

After ServiceUp

Access to a comprehensive suite of over 200 repair services covering collision, mechanical, and maintenance needs, ensuring fleet excellence.

Rapid response times for repairs, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Consistent top-tier repairs performed by ServiceUp's expert technicians, guaranteeing fleet reliability.

Transparent reporting of repair expenses, enabling precise budget management and optimization.

Elevated customer satisfaction through prompt, reliable service, enhancing brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Experience the power ⚡ of ServiceUp’s modern repair management platform

Decrease in cycle time
Lower repair cost
Decrease in time to estimate
Boost in team productivity

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your vehicle repair operations.