About Us

ServiceUp is here to take the hassle out of car repair. By combining innovative technology with concierge-level support, we provide the best in-class repair service at a guaranteed low price. Game changing, right?

Why We’re Here

ServiceUp grew from the idea that car repair can and should be better. After decades of experience on both the mechanic and car owner sides, it finally clicked: we can be the ones to fix it.

With ServiceUp, everything is handled for you, including pick-up and delivery of your vehicle, so you can sit back and relax. We even have attractive finance options so you can finally fix that dent or deal with that check engine light. And we're good for shops too; our relationship with them means they can spend less time calling customers (we handle that part) and more time doing what they’re best at - fixing your car.

If you can buy, rent and sell a car online, then it’s about time you can do the same for car repair.

Empower Others

Uplift and enable individuals, fostering their growth and success through support, resources, and opportunities.

Be Relentlessly Ambitious

Crush boundaries, achieve extraordinary results, and continuously raise the bar.

Together We’re Unstoppable

Harness the unique perspectives and strengths that arise from our diversity, propelling innovation and inclusive collaboration. We’ll only go far together.

Walk in Others Shoes

Strive to understand, connect, and uplift others, fostering a culture of empathy and compassion. We leave egos at the door.

Customer Happiness is Our Compass

Listen, adapt, and prioritize customer needs, delivering exceptional service and exceeding expectations.

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We Stand Behind Every Repair

We guarantee all work with a 2-year, 24,000-mile warranty. 2x the industry standard. 

Core Habits

Company Values

Innovating Car Repair

Instead of the current system, we've found the quality repair shops for you. No more researching and hoping you'll find a shop that won't overcharge or keep you're car for two days when they initially said two hours. Anyone in our partner network is pre-vetted, with quality checks completed regularly so that your car is only going to a reputable, reliable shop with quick turnaround times.

Going The Extra Mile
(Get It?)

Not only do we have full-time, fully-insured drivers, but while your car is being repaired you will have your own personal Service Advisor updating you along the way. They come with years of experience in the auto industry and are experts at what they do - which is helping you feel confident that your car is in good hands.

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What is ServiceUp?

ServiceUp is the easiest way to get your car repaired. From oil changes and routine maintenance to engine repair and body work, we do it all. The best part? We’ll pick up and drop off your car, completely free.

Is ServiceUp legit? 

Yes! ServiceUp has serviced thousands of vehicles for customers. Everything from routine maintenance to engine and body repairs. Visit our Yelp and Google Reviews page to hear what customers have to say.

Where does ServiceUp operate?

ServiceUp is currently operating in California, Colorado, Arizona, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. We are quickly expanding into other states!

How does ServiceUp work?

Simply request an estimate for your repair via our website or mobile app. We'll give you an immediate estimate with a low price guarantee. Once you approve the estimate, schedule a pickup for your vehicle. We'll come on that day, repair your vehicle, and drop it back off to you. Easy as that!

Does ServiceUp offer a warranty?

Yes! ServiceUp stands behind every repair. We offer a 2-year, 24k mile warranty on all vehicle repairs.

Does ServiceUp have a solution for businesses?

Yes! ServiceUp supports business fleets of all sizes. Whether you have 5 vehicles or 5,000 vehicles, ServiceUp can manage your fleet. We'll help you maximize vehicle uptime so you can reduce costs and earn more revenue from your fleet operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Car Fixed, Without Having To Go Anywhere.

ServiceUp makes car repair easy. No more waiting around - we’ll pickup, repair, and deliver your car back to you. A dedicated service advisor will keep you updated ever step of the way.

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