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ServiceUp Launches Techs of Tomorrow Scholarship to Empower Aspiring Automotive Professionals

Aug 15, 2023
Kam Thandi

ServiceUp, a fast-growing autotech startup revolutionizing the car repair experience, proudly launches its philanthropic initiative – the Techs of Tomorrow Automotive Scholarship. This program is crafted to empower and support young professionals interested in pursuing a rewarding career within the automotive repair industry. With the primary goal of nurturing talent and fostering automotive excellence, Service Up is set to award $1,000 each to five exceptional students on their path toward a career in automotive.

"We believe that the future of the automotive industry rests in the hands of those with passion, dedication, and a drive to excel,” says Brett Carlson, CEO of ServiceUp. “The Techs of Tomorrow Automotive Scholarship is our commitment to empowering the next generation of automotive enthusiasts and professionals."

The scholarship is designed to not only alleviate the financial burden of education but also to inspire and cultivate a pool of talented individuals who will contribute to an industry that is in need of skilled professionals.

“There’s a shortage of both mechanical and collision technicians across the industry right now. Shop owners are having a difficult time finding talent and filling vacant positions, leading to longer wait times and higher repair costs for customers.” 

According to the latest industry study conducted by Techforce, the auto sector required a total of 232,000 technicians in 2021, encompassing mechanical and collision specialties. However, educational institutions were only able to produce 42,000 graduates to meet this demand. In the collision repair sector specifically, there was a pressing need for 35,000 technicians, but the number of graduates was a mere 4,500.

“We want to ease some of the financial pressure on students pursuing an automotive education, while also giving a boost to an industry that affects just about everyone out there. We’ll continuously add to this scholarship fund and help more students on their automotive career path. 

The Techs of Tomorrow Automotive Scholarship will be awarded to five students who demonstrate enthusiasm in their pursuit of an automotive career. Each recipient will receive a grant of $1,000, intended to offset educational expenses and propel them forward on their educational journey. To apply or donate to this fund, please visit

ServiceUp firmly believes that education is the corner stone of progress, and this scholarship is a step towards realizing that belief. As the automotive landscape evolves with new technologies, the need for skilled professionals grows even more critical. By awarding these scholarships, ServiceUp aspires to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of automotive enthusiasts, ready to steer the industry toward a dynamic future.

About ServiceUp 

ServiceUp is the most convenient way to get vehicles repaired. Through their automated repair platform, they'll pick up your vehicle, manage the repair, and drop it back off to you when done. By partnering with a network of certified repair shops, they guarantee only the highest-quality repairs, fast and hassle-free. Businesses and consumers save time, money, and gain peace of mind.  

For more information about the Techs of Tomorrow Automotive Scholarship, please visit

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