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5 Ways Fleet Telematics Can Make Your Business More Sustainable

Jun 20, 2023
Michael J. O'Connor

Now more than ever, running a business responsibly and sustainably is a top priority for owners and managers. Green business practices and ethical operations are not only a large part of being in a global community, but they can also help build trust with your customer base and help you project a favorable image in your market. These considerations are especially important for fleet owners and managers. Knowing some of the ways that fleet telematics can make your business more sustainable can help you make environmental considerations a part of your day-to-day work life. 

Fleet telematics is a system of monitoring and analyzing data from your vehicles. This can include information like fuel efficiency, GPS tracking, and service alerts. All of this data can be used to make your business more environmentally friendly while also saving you money in the long run. With a good understanding of how you can use fleet telematics to clean up your fleet operations, you can be at the forefront of the sustainability movement and run your business ethically and responsibly. 

Monitor Emissions 

One of the best ways to use fleet telematics to make your business more eco-friendly is to monitor your vehicles’ emissions. Knowing what types of hydrocarbons your vehicles are emitting is an important part of running a sustainable fleet. Carbon monoxide is the most problematic emission that your vehicles produce and can contribute to potential global warming as well as air pollution in your immediate area. Knowing how your vehicles are performing with their greenhouse gas emissions can help you make the necessary changes to run a clean fleet. 

You can install sensors in your vehicles’ emissions monitoring equipment that will send you real-time data from each vehicle. This data can be aggregated into a weekly or monthly report so you can get a clear picture of how your fleet is performing. With a fleet telematics system in place for emissions monitoring, you have plenty of opportunities to make adjustments or changes that will make your business more socially and environmentally responsible. 

Increase Fuel Efficiency 

Fossil fuel dependency is one of the biggest sustainability issues that businesses and individuals are currently facing. With gas prices always changing and alternatives popping up all the time, making sure that your vehicles are as fuel efficient as possible should be a major priority. Luckily, fleet telematics can offer valuable insights that will give you a good idea of your fleet’s performance and show you how you can improve. This not only helps you create a more sustainable fleet of vehicles but can also be a huge money saver. 

A fleet telematics system can be set up to send you alerts as soon as an issue arises with one of your vehicles. An engine that is well-maintained and regularly serviced will be much more fuel efficient than one that has been neglected. You can also use your fleet telematics system to identify problematic areas and routes with high instances of traffic jams. The less time your vehicles spend sitting at idle, the more fuel-efficient they will be in the long run, which can work wonders when it comes to sustainability. 

Schedule Fleets Responsibly 

Odds are, scheduling drivers and routing vehicles is one of the most time-consuming parts of your job. The last thing you probably want to deal with is trying to figure out how to make your routing more sustainable and ethical. Fortunately, fleet telematics can take care of this for you with optimized trip planning and GPS tracking that allows you to make the best decisions for your business and the environment. By utilizing fleet telematics, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save yourself a lot of time. 

One of the ways you can use fleet telematics to responsibly route and schedule your vehicles is by recognizing patterns. If, for example, there is a specific area of town that always presents problems with traffic, you can see where your drivers are getting hung up and where their vehicles are sitting idle the most. By routing around these problem areas, you can keep your vehicles moving and reduce the harmful emissions they put out while sitting in traffic. With a high-quality fleet telematics system, you can get this information at a glance and schedule accordingly. 

Educate Drivers

Fleet telematics offers all kinds of benefits when it comes to recognizing driver behavior. You can’t be watching your drivers all the time and making sure that they are making smart, eco-friendly decisions. However, with fleet telematics, you can use GPS monitoring to ensure that they are using preferred routes and are not letting the engine run unnecessarily. If you notice a behavior that is contrary to your sustainability goals, you can easily educate drivers on why a behavior should be avoided and offer incentives for safer, more environmentally friendly driving. 

Fleet telematics can also help you show drivers how specific driving habits can contribute to an overall more environmentally-sound fleet. By having aggregated reports on hand, you can use visual representations of emissions and fuel consumption in your training process. Being able to point to usable and actionable data will always be more effective than simply talking about broad concepts. 

Get Prompt Service and Maintenance

One of the most helpful ways to use your fleet telematics system is to get prompt alerts for service and maintenance. A fleet telematics system will read the OBD-II codes in your vehicles and run checks throughout the engine to remind you when the time has come for upkeep or a repair is necessary. Being able to rely on these accurate alerts is a great way to ensure that your vehicles are in top condition at all times. This makes them run cleaner and keeps them from producing unnecessary hydrocarbons throughout the day. 

A vehicle that is kept in good condition will be safer, more efficient, and better for the environment. With fleet telematics, you can set up automatic appointment scheduling for maintenance based on the odometer. This helps you be certain that you are doing everything you can to keep your fleet running cleanly. It also frees up time so you can stay focused on other matters that will help you reach your sustainability goals. 

Use Fleet Telematics to Get the Most Responsible Service for Your Vehicles

Environmental concerns and sustainability should be at the forefront of any modern business owner's mind. With fleet telematics, you can let the system do much of the work for you so you can spend time coming up with practical solutions to your ecological responsibilities. With a high-quality fleet telematics system in place, your business can be saving money while also saving the environment and leading the pack toward the future of fleet operations. 

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