How Regular Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Transmission Repair

Michael J. O'Connor
September 14, 2023

Your vehicle’s transmission is one of its most important components and also one of its most sensitive and complex. Because of this complicated design, a transmission failure is incredibly expensive to fix. Oftentimes, people will consider a car totaled if the transmission ends up needing to be replaced or needs to get extensive repairs. This means that you should take extra care to maintain your transmission and keep it in good shape for as long as possible so you can avoid costly transmission repair. 

On top of routine transmission maintenance, there are other regular upkeep procedures that you should stay on top of. Nearly every part of your vehicle is connected and this means that the better care you take of your whole car, the longer your transmission will last. Knowing how regular maintenance can help you avoid transmission repair will give you the knowledge you need to make upkeep a priority. 

Get Scheduled Transmission Flushes 

Your vehicle’s transmission fluid is essential and if it is not changed regularly, it could lead to serious, expensive issues. The main objective of maintaining your transmission is to make sure that friction is not allowed to build up. Fluid that has broken down or gotten to a low level can cause the teeth of the gears to grind together, which will project small pieces of metal into the transmission itself. Getting fluid flushes at the scheduled interval allotted in your owner’s manual is your best defense against this kind of breakdown. 

The biggest issue with letting your transmission fluid get low or old is that once metal shavings get into the housing, they are nearly impossible to remove. While transmission repair can help with some issues, metal shavings in your fluid generally means that the whole unit will have to be replaced. Making sure that your transmission is lubricated at all times will ensure that it runs smoothly and doesn’t start to break apart. 

Regularly Maintain Your Cooling System 

Heat is the enemy of your transmission, no matter how well you maintain it. Overheating will almost always result in the need for transmission repair. Because of this, you want to be sure not to overload your vehicle when hauling or towing and always check the capacity limits before loading it up. This also means that regular maintenance of the vehicle’s cooling system is one of your best bets if you are trying to avoid expensive transmission repair. 

Your vehicle’s cooling system is crucial for all kinds of processes and mechanical components. Getting regular coolant flushes and scheduled inspections of the radiator and all the hoses associated with it is highly recommended. Being sure that your car can stay cool, even when the weather is extremely hot, can give you the confidence you need that a transmission repair won’t be coming up any time soon. As long as you can regulate its temperature, you can reduce the odds that you will need a transmission repair that could break the bank. 

Maintain Brakes 

Believe it or not, your brakes and their condition have more to do with your transmission than you might think. When your brakes aren’t working normally, you end up making much more violent stops and starts than you would if they were in good condition. This can cause issues with your transmission and put more strain on the system. Because of this, you want to be sure that you replace your brake pads on the recommended schedule and flush the brake lines to make sure you are getting the stopping power you need. 

You should also be certain that your vehicle’s emergency brake is in good working order and that you use it when parking on a hill. Parking on an incline without engaging the emergency brake or using a faulty one will put undue pressure on the parking pin in your transmission. With a well-maintained emergency brake system, you can keep pressure off the transmission and avoid serious transmission repair. 

Rotate Tires Often 

Your tires have a big effect on the way the vehicle interacts with the road. This includes how the transmission reacts to changes in traction and the way the tires are wearing. If your tires have an uneven wear pattern, this could affect how the transmission shifts. This means it is incredibly important to get regular tire rotations if you want to avoid expensive transmission repair down the line. 

Tire rotations are an important part of vehicle maintenance and are one of your best bets if you want to avoid transmission repair as well as premature tire wear. By making sure that your tires are wearing out evenly, you are giving your transmission the smoothest connection between the road and the vehicle. This prevents strain on the transmission and prevents transmission repair or replacement due to uneven friction and overheating. 

Clean and Test Your Battery

The transmission in modern vehicles is controlled using the car’s engine control unit. This unit is powered by the vehicle’s battery and is responsible for all kinds of processes and signal interpretation. If your ECU is not able to properly time gear changes, it could cause issues that will necessitate serious transmission repair. Properly maintaining your vehicle’s battery is your best bet when it comes to keeping all the electrical components working correctly. 

The terminals on your vehicle’s battery can develop corrosion over time and this causes a bad connection. When this happens, you may notice that your car takes longer to start and that your headlights are flickering. This could also mean that your transmission is not getting the right signals for timing. Clean your battery terminals using a wire brush and get the battery tested regularly to make sure it is putting out the right voltage. This will help stave off transmission repair and ensure that your electrical system is in good working order at all times. 

Get the Best Transmission Repair and More for Your Vehicle

Transmission repair is one of the most dreaded realities of being a car owner. With so much labor required and parts that are incredibly expensive, it is in your best interest to do everything you can to avoid it. Regular maintenance and responsible upkeep of your vehicle are going to be your best bet if you want to avoid pricey transmission repair. Knowing how all the different components are connected and how they can affect your transmission will help you stay on top of your car’s regular service schedule.  

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