Collision Repair for Fleets Must Be Prioritized

Mark Hodes
November 8, 2023

As a fleet vehicle owner or manager, it's essential to focus on fixing collision damage promptly to ensure the safety of your drivers and other road users. Prompt repairs will also increase fleet utilization and improve revenue per vehicle. Here’s reasons to prioritize collision repair:


Collision damage can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle, making it unsafe to operate. The damage can also affect critical safety features like airbags, seat belts, and other important systems, putting your drivers at risk of injury or death in the event of another accident.


If your fleet vehicle is involved in an accident and the collision damage is not repaired, you could be held liable for any injuries or property damage that occur as a result. This could lead to costly legal fees, settlements, and insurance claims, all of which can impact your bottom line.

Resale value

Fleet vehicles are typically sold or traded in after a certain amount of time, and collision damage can significantly reduce the resale value of the vehicle. By fixing the damage promptly, you can maintain the value of your fleet and avoid costly depreciation.

Professional image

Fleet vehicles often serve as mobile advertisements for your business, and a damaged vehicle can create a negative impression of your company. By repairing collision damage promptly, you can maintain a professional image and show your commitment to safety and quality.


When a vehicle fleet is out of service, lost revenue is at stake. While there are many reasons for a vehicle being out of service, collision incidents are the leading contributor. The reason is simple - collision repairs are complex, often spanning multiple systems, workflows and processes both inside and outside the fleet organization. Leaning into collision repair technology and revamping current processes will shorten cycle times and improve vehicle utilization.

Fixing collision damage on your fleet vehicle is critical to ensuring safety, avoiding liability, maintaining resale value, and projecting a professional image. It's essential to prioritize collision repairs to keep your fleet vehicles in top condition and protect your drivers and your business.

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